Simply the perfect milk froth, The Barista Milk Mate is easy to operate with Easy Touch and delivers perfectly portioned milk directly from the cooling system. The integrated flushing system allows the milk jugs to be cleaned for the next use while delivering the perfect portioned milk dispense after dispense. LCDC Barista Milk Mate sits comfortably in a top end restaurant whilst also giving that essential lift to the local coffee shop. Its size saves space and can be installed in the smallest barista bars.


Brand new and unique drink dispensing solution. Milk, Chilled Tea, Water, Juice, Syrup… With the new Barista MultiTap , you can choose up to 4 drinks that are placed under the work surface and always at hand. Keep it all and keep your work area clean, with no milk boxes, glasses of syrups, a pitcher of iced tea…
The Barista MultiTap is a simple device where you only have a dispensing head with a touch screen on your desktop. You always dispense a preset amount of beverage. It is fast, aesthetic and highly hygienic.
At the same time, the drinks keep their constant temperature in the refrigerator under the counter and you only add them to the hopper as needed. The pump and tubing system take care of everything else. All nicely hidden and clean.